Concept Art for Final Fantasy VII by Yoshitaka Amano, Cloud & Red XIII

E.19 – Final Fantasy VII Remake (Unreleased)

It’s been nearly four years since our last episode – the same four years since Final Fantasy VII Remake arrived on the PlayStation 4. Andrew & Alex let loose with this raw & previously-unreleased chat about Square Enix’s brilliant reimagining of their 1997 masterpiece.

Yes, we’ve secretly had this one waiting in the wings all this time. Final Fantasy VII was somewhat omnipresent for us growing up together, so we always wanted to do right by it with a proper episode (or even a mini-series). But after revisiting our off-the-cuff takeaways ahead of Rebirth, we agreed: it’s time. Buckle up, because we jump right into Remake’s divergent ending, unpack some of its most pivotal changes to FFVII’s memorable opening chapter, as well as explore our theories for the road ahead.

WARNING: this is a SPOILER-heavy episode!

This goes not only for Remake, but also for the original FFVII. So if you’re new to the story entirely, haven’t completed Remake, or are simply looking forward to Rebirth without having played either, just know that we admire your curiosity.

On the status of the show:

Thank you to anyone who’s ever listened to Screen Looking over the past several years. We’ve missed doing this show, and although we’re still not sure what the future holds for it, we’re dedicating this episode to you. Until next time, you can find us at Kalm.

Additional Credits & Notes

  • Andrew Kuhar is a UI/UX Product Designer at thatgamecompany. His favorite party member is Red XIII, and his favorite summoning materia is Phoenix.
  • Alex Koval has co-hosted Screen Looking with Andrew since its first episode in 2018. His favorite party member is Vincent, and his favorite summoning materia is… wait for it… Alexander.
  • Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, from their silkscreen prints for Final Fantasy VII.
  • Music in this episode comes from the OSTs to Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020) and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (2024), composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
  • Clips were sourced from YouTube, thanks to gameplay captures by Dark Knight PlayerRuba, and Zanar Aesthetics.
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