Vagrant Story UI Remaster Project by Andrew Kuhar

Vagrant Story UI Remaster Project

Welcome to my user-interface remastering project for Squaresoft’s 2000 classic, Vagrant Story. I’m actively designing a working prototype in Figma, which you can demo below with a supported game controller.*

Tips for your journey to LeĆ” Monde

  1. Connect a gamepad. The prototype is built from the ground-up for controller inputs. *Currently supported: PlayStation (DualShock 4), Xbox Wireless Controller, and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.
  2. Go fullscreen. Ideal for readability and accurate rendering.
  3. This is a work-in-progress. Rebuilding the entire UI for a game as complex as Vagrant Story will take time. Current functionality includes: entering & exiting the main menu, viewing the Status section, and an early stages loadout feature.

Coming Soon

Upcoming Features: Currently, I am building out the first list & sorting driven views to the menu (Items, Equipment). In addition, I’m working on a complete reimagining of the Workshop interface.

Process Documentation: I’ve been logging my progress towards each milestone, which I plan to share some examples of here. This includes early wireframes, previous iterations, excerpts from my sketchbook, and observations about the original game’s design. Stay tuned!