Andrew Kuhar surrounded by tomato plants in his garden.

I'm Andy, and I'm usually in my garden, thinking about video games.

I'm also a seasoned UI/UX designer, front-end developer, and writer with over a decade of experience bringing digital products to life, nowadays at thatgamecompany.

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UI/UX Design


Vagrant Story UI Remaster Project UI/UX Design (Prototype)

My reimagining of the menu system for Squaresoft’s 2000 classic action-RPG. This is a work-in-progress you can demo in-browser with a supported gamepad, designed for Sony PlayStation's DualShock 4 controller.


The Spawnies Web Design & Front-End Development

Inspired by its mission and identity, Spawn On Me's Kahlief Adams invited me to create a fully custom website for his groundbreaking video game awards show. The Spawnies has had 250,000+ viewers each year, and was recently featured on Xbox's official news site.


The Cleveland Orchestra UI/UX Design & Front-End Development

Launched in late 2020, I led the redesign of The Cleveland Orchestra’s official website. Shortly after, it was nominated for a Webby (2021). Since then, it’s helped establish the Orchestra’s digital ecosystem with new accessibility standards, podcasts, paperless program notes, and authentication services for patrons.


Ticket Wallet UI/UX Design & QA Testing

I also designed The Cleveland Orchestra’s paperless ticketing mobile app. Envisioned as a simpler platform for future audience needs, it aided their return in 2021 as a new means of contactless entry and for change orders to take immediate effect.


Letterboxd "Movie 8 Ball" UI/UX Design (Prototype)

A conceptual mobile app for indecisive film-lovers. Based off the Letterboxd API and design system, this version is intended to work without a login, allowing anyone to quickly generate recommendations from community-driven watchlists.



Screen Looking Podcast: Host, Editor & Producer

Each episode, I’m joined by close friends to discuss why certain video games “just work.” We look at each game’s art, design, storytelling, history, and influence today – along with our most formative memories of playing them. Browse our entire backlog.


"How the creators of Kentucky Route Zero ended their seven-year saga" Polygon: Feature Story

I spent an evening with Cardboard Computer to learn how their “game in five acts” came together just as it was ending, and how the trio stuck together as friends and artists to see it through on their own terms.


"The World of Guacamelee! 2" Engadget: Feature Story

How do you follow up a near-perfect game? Drinkbox Studios shared their approach with me by celebrating what got left behind in Guacamelee!, and by engaging players with the deeper colors, stories, and cultural touchstones of Mesoamérica.


"The (re)making of Crash Bandicoot" Engadget: Feature Story

Key artists from Vicarious Visions walked me through their approach to remastering Naughty Dog’s iconic PlayStation trilogy, and how they handled inheriting a legacy with millions of nostalgic fans.


"The Last Guardian contains a beautiful lesson about animals’ ability to forgive" Polygon: Opinion Piece

In this very personal story, I wrote about my experience with Team Ico’s long-awaited epic as it intersected with a beloved pet’s passing. To help me unpack the game’s messages about how we interact with animals in need, I also spoke with local wildlife experts on the subject.