E.15 ⁠– Civilization VI

What defines a civilization? Can (and should) building one be fun? Alex and I phone a friend for some answers, and get plenty to think about in return.

Since Civilization‘s debut in 1991, virtually every facet of Sid Meier’s long-running turn-based strategy video game has evolved. Even the game’s narration is now helmed by actor Sean Bean (GoldenEye, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc.). Today, the famous series ventures even further into new territory with recent console ports – in addition to its latest challenge: climate change.

Like the seasoned teacher that he is, Alex’s close friend and Civilization expert, Joe Jasek, walks us through the series’ fluctuating design choices, its relevance to world history, and the double-edged sword of its presence in a classroom setting. We learned a lot by the end of our conversation, and whether you’re new to the series as well or someone like Joe, we think you will, too.

Additional Credits & Notes

  • Alex Koval – my co-host – is a full-stack developer, aspiring radio theater producer, and lifelong fan of the horror genre. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. Some of his favorite games include Resident EvilFinal Fantasy TacticsBaldur’s Gate II: Shadows of AmnBloodborne, and Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Joe Jasek is an English and Social Studies teacher who Alex found wandering the streets of Pittsburgh one day. They’ve been close friends ever since. He’s been playing Civilization since 2003.
  • Music in today’s episode came from the OST to Civilization IV & VI. Clips and narration are from Civilization II & VI

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