E.14 – Iconic Spooky Worlds: Halloween Special Edition

Good evening ghosts and ghouls. This is your co-host and fellow delver into the depths of madness: Alex Koval.

In the spirit of Halloween, Andrew and I have fortified ourselves in an old abandoned castle for our annual mailbag episode. Broadcasting from some antique radio equipment, and supplied with a cache of letters and tapes, we relive the video game moments that sent our friends & listeners screaming from their consoles & computers.

Yet, what is it that can make a video game so frightening? Is it the foreboding environments? The haunting soundscapes? Or the harrowing tales of lost souls? Whatever it is, barricade your doors, cast an incantation, and grab the nearest impromptu melee weapon. We have quite a few treats (and some tricks) in store for you in this very special edition of… SCREEEAAAAAAM LOOOOKING!

Additional Credits & Notes

  • Alex Koval is a full-stack developer, aspiring radio theater producer, lifelong fan of the horror genre, and (usually) the co-host of Screen Looking. In celebration of the season, Alex took over hosting duties for this episode (as well as writing, producing, and assistance w/ editing).
  • Andrew Kuhar is the host of Screen Looking. However, he was too scared to take the reins this time. You can find him on the slightly safer grounds of editing & mixing today’s episode.
  • Guest Appearances include Eric Mathews, Joe Jasek, and Bill Lyon – special thanks to each of them for contributing their time and talents to our Halloween special.
  • Music closing today’s episode is “RE1: Save Room Remix” by Mono Memory, previous guest, friend of the show, and synthwave producer. Additional music includes a piano cover by Lucas King, as well as excerpts from the OST’s of their respective games.
  • Special Thanks to you, our listeners, for all of your incredible submissions! Alex and I were elated by the volume, range, and quality of spooky entries we received, from friends both old & new.

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