Andrew Kuhar in his garden, surrounding by vining tomato plants.

More about me From Cleveland by way of Midgar

As a child, I drew on whatever surface I could take with me, memorized whatever Led Zeppelin songs my dad had on repeat, and saved money only for video games. As an adult, I still do most of the above – just add "UI/UX designer" to the end of it all.

In 2010, I received my BFA in Digital Arts (with an emphasis in Game Design) from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Ever since, I've been making elegant user interfaces with the hopes of bringing my talents and experience to the gaming industry. My work and love for music have crossed paths, too, from starting my career on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's first mobile app to most recently at The Cleveland Orchestra where I led design on their growing digital ecosystem. Lastly on music, I also wrote, recorded, and produced four albums with The Commonwealth since co-founding the band in 2009.

Thanks to my garden, though, I have a hard time staying inside once it's spring. From my basement I've sown dill, basil, parsley, tomatoes (as pictured), peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, carrots, and even garlic. Preparing for it each winter, I'm reminded that time is for spending – and that what is nurtured will grow.

Thanks for stopping by. Now go listen to Ernest Hood's Back to the Woodlands.

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